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 Once again, the Leaves have fallen, and the air has grown crisp. As Roots draw energy into the Earth, our bodies long for warmth, comfort, and Nourishment.The Winter may be my favorite time of year to offer bodywork, hot stones, aromatherapy and energy work sessions.It seems a fitting balance to these cooler months. As many become less physically active, we grow cold, and, sometimes even depressed. 

Bodywork not only gets your circulation going, but, along with aromatherapy, I have seen these healing modalities serve as excellent allies in fighting depression, chronic pain, and even bring balance energetically to spiritual and emotional "lulls".

Do you know someone who may LOVE such a nourishing pick me up in the coming months? 

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Why Nourish? Hear it from experience!
"After years of so-so massages, it was a relief to find Nishaan. Her soothing energy immediately eases me into relaxation mode and during my sessions I feel that she is listening to my body rather than just going through the motions of a rubdown. She always offers suggestions for how I can continue to work on problem areas and her caring yet professional attitude is certainly appreciated. I keep going back not only for the great massage but also because she's someone I trust.‎" -Lindsey, Louisville, KY, Bodywork 2011     
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And a Promise from Me...

I promise to share my expertise, and skills as a confident health and wellness practitioner to serve that special someone you love with my very best.  

Just yesterday, I had a client tell me how much it shows that I love my work....and that felt like the kindest compliment I could ever receive. Especially from someone who has been a client for years.

It's true. I do love my work. I can't help but offer my daily best to everyone who walks in the door.

We all deserve to be heard, cared for, and nurtured when it comes to our health and well being!

I would love to be a guide, cheerleader, coach and ally to you along this path if seems right for you. 

Below, I have listed a few services that I offer with images. However, you can also click on the little button below to see a list of sample services, or, simply purchase a gift certificate of any price.

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Bodywork with Hot Stones +Aromatherapy 

Botanical Bath Salts + Aromatherapy Blends
{All products are hand-blended in small batches with love.}

Aromatherapy Consultations + Custom Formulas 

Alchemy of the Heart Session: 
Custom Aromatherapy + Tarot

Herb & Holistic Health Consultation  
+ Custom Formulations

Integrative Energy Work with
 Hot Stones + Aromatherapy 


I will look forward to possibly seeing you soon. 
Until then, sending wishes for a calm, cool, and collected holiday season that is filled with love! 


Nishaan Sandhu  

Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Bodyworker
and Owner, Nourish Body & Botanicals

For Your Senses: Custom Herbal Teas, Sultry Aromatherapy Blends + More

Blending a delightful sleepy-time tea for a lovely client. 

Herbal, medicinal, and delicious? Indeed! 

C. Photograph by Nishaan Sandhu